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Residential Move

Brick By Brick Moving offers full-service packing and moving for your residential move within Austin or anywhere in the state of Texas. Our professional movers are experienced and knowledgeable. There's nothing they haven't seen.

People move for a variety of reasons. The circumstances are often joyful, but can also be unfortunate ones. Even under the best of circumstances, moving is often stressful. We understand what an emotional process moving can be. At Brick By Brick, we care about the moving experience that you have and we strive to make it an enjoyable one.

If you'd like us to pack your belongings, we will come prepared with new boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper. We will pack your possessions as if they were our own, with the utmost care. We can provide custom crating of delicate or special items, from your Tiffany lamp to your taxidermy mount.

We will arrive with all of the equipment needed to carefully and properly load your belongings into our clean trailer, ensuring a safe travel for your possessions to your new location. We take special care when handling your heavy items to ensure they are moved safely, as well as protecting your walls, doors and floors from damage in the process. We will disassemble and reassemble your beds and mirrors, as well as disconnect and reconnect your appliances. We are fast and efficient and guarantee you will be relaxing in your new home much faster than if you were to move yourself. And our reasonable prices will leave you wondering why you didn't hire movers in the past.

Why Brick by Brick Moving?

We know that you - our customer - will be helping us build our company, brick by brick.

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